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Patricia R.

"This was the most fun we have ever had, the Pilot was the best ever, and kept us all laughing, as he pointed out all the sights to us. Would recommend it to everyone if they are looking for a great time. "

Kimberly R.

"Nate and Ryan are amazing!! This was the best trip ever for my 5 year olds "

Tracy M.

"It was great and Kenny our pilot was wonderful. "

Tracy V.

"Fantastic trip and experience! My kids and I loved it! The pilot was very accommodating, friendly and knowledgeable. "

Jerrod R.

"Where do I start...Max Flight is such a great company. Kenny was such a great pilot! He was very accommodating. Told us about everything we were seeing. Such an A+ classy company. Would highly recommend "

Jan A.

"Wonderful! Exceeded our expectations. The pilot was friendly, competent, expert. He made the whole thing terrific "

Kelly G.

"Experience was great. Pilot was friendly, knowledgeable, and overall ust a great time. Well worth it. Trip could have been longer, we would not have complained. Great Job. "

Landi K.

"The instructor was very nice and did an amazing job. My son had a blast and we had a wonderful trip! Highly recommend. "

Teri C.

"Awesome!! "

Tania S.

"Thank you so much! "

Ronni R.

"Max flight was great the best experience !!!!!! "

Elizabeth T.

"Worth every penny!!! Great trip! Kenny os the best! "

Jerrod R.

"The folks at Max Flight were so pleasant and accommodating to work with. We upgraded to the city sightseeing tour and it was beyond amazing. I can’t wait to go again. If you’re hesitant don’t be. Max Flight and their pilot were the best!! "

Tori L.

"It was fun. Pilot was nice, friendly and informative. Didn't harp too long on the upsell. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to go on a helicopter ride. "

Angelica B.

"One of my best experience yet I’m afraid of heights and the pilot made the ride safe and comfortable "

Odessa M.

"It was a great experience "

Brian M.

"pilot was awesome!!great deal great fun "

Nik Nik W.

"This was something that was hard to put into words, its a must do! I have a brand new perspective on life.. "

Paul P.

"Cool exp "

Karen S.

"the pilot was great and i the flight was the best. I would like to do it again in the spring. This was a birthday gift for my husband he had so much fun. "

Dustin H.

"Great experience. Upgraded to the downtown tour so worth it. Hudson did a great job very knowledgeable. Kenny was super professional! Anyone looking for a great tour check them out! "

Alicia S.

"Short ride for the money, but awesome experience. "

Shakyra W.

"It was great! Worth every penny. I can’t wait to go back! "


"Talk about a Great Time! It could not have been better, The professionalism, Friendliness, and just great care this company gave us was exemplary, Our Pilot Hudson was Phenomenal in showing us all the sights along the Detroit River and Downtown Detroit. This package is well worth the money and Max Flight Helicopters is a 1st Class. Thanks Again Hudson You Rock!! "

Shanetris M.

"This is a great place to go and tour the Michigan "

Steven R.

"Very fun! Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Flight was short. "

Dawn K.

"Awesomesauce!!!!!! An absolute must do!!!! "

Aranda G.

"Had a very nice time..took my husband and son for father's day and they really enjoyed it. Will definitely do it again and would recommend to everyone. "


"Very unique gift, all first class. "

Adam B.

"Amazing time with Ken and Kenny. Would recommend to everyone. This is a must do "

Fallon S.

"This was such a wonderful experience. Our pilot was very nice and gave us a great tour. "

A1armani ·

"I really enjoyed this experience! Remarkable views, and Kenny is an excellent pilot and knowledgeable about the area.Very impressed with the service and Professionalism .What are you waiting for, this is 'Definitely a breathtaking experience .🚁 "

Tyra L.

"It was such a great experience for a good price. I surprised my boyfriend with the Helicopter Tour and he loved it! The pilot was amazing, had a great sense of humor and educated us on the history of all the areas we flew over. I would most definitely do it again! "

Jennifer S.

"The pilot was awesome!! He was super friendly and informative! Just wish it lasted longer. But hands down one of the best experiences of my life! Would definitely do it again "

Nichole C.

"This was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone. Great price, great service, and super cute pilot. Book it today. "

Christine R.

"Simply put.....AMAZING!!! It was my daughter ‘s 25th Birthday & I wanted to give her an “Experience “. The pilot Kenny was knowledgeable, and made us feel at ease. My birthday is in June and we’re doing it for my birthday! I’d recommend this experience to anyone. "

Jeremy R.

"One of the best Valentine’s Day ever, Thanks to Max Flight Helicopter Services! "

Emory B.

"The Experience Was Freaking Amazing, Ken was absolutely awesome..Will do it again "

Allen S.

"It was a fun experience. My wife and I loved the flight and the pilot was very friendly and interesting. "

Theresa B.

"So amazing. Munchkin and I had a ball. SUPER nice guys!!! Thanks for an awesome memory!!!! "

Tia G.

"Great pilot!! Great birthday gift. Thoroughly enjoyed it "

Alison R.

"I bought this as a gift for my dad & kids! They loved it! The pilot politely answered all of our questions. It was an all around great experience! I highly recommend Max Flight! "

Christopher A.

"Kenny was great.!!! The flight was amazing as well. "

Nicole M.

"The experience is amaz "

Martise W.

"The best experience ever , and Kenny was a great pilot very detailed and professional during the tour . Also the owner Ken was so nice , and accommodating. I will be back soon !!! "

Julie M.

"Super friendly and flexible - I purchased a tour for my parents for their anniversary - they were thrilled "

Kirby P.

"This was the best experience ever Kenny is awesome pilot will definitely do this again :) "

Kristen S.

"The sightseeing tour was incredible… The pilot was friendly and interesting, the ride was smooth, and the views were breathtaking. I would recommend everyone experience this at least once!"

Karlene G.

"Our family decided to go for a helicopter ride for my husbands birthday. Six of us went and we had a blast. Not only was the staff extremely friendly, but they were funny as well. This made the ride even better. I highly recommend this to do for enjoyment of the whole family. I will never forget this day and husband has not stopped talking about it since we left!"

Phil B.

"My father and I visited Max Flight to do some aerial photography during a recent vacation.

We asked them to take the doors off the heli so we wouldn't have to shoot through the glass windows, which they happily obliged (when other companies wouldn't) and took us to see all the parks and sights that we wanted to shoot - all while giving us interesting info on the areas we were over.

In fact, we liked our first hour with them so much that we booked another flight for the same trip and went with them again.  Highly recommended."

Kim S.

"I am seriously considering training to take my private pilots license in a helicopter.

Training in the UK is out of my reach due to the costs. I've done quite a bit of research and looked at training in the US as the cost of training appears to be more affordable (anyway that's a subject for another day).

I had no previous training however I wanted more than the 'taster session' advertised on the web site.

I decided to call the company to see what they could offer. After a friendly and extremely helpful conversation, a half-day training was tailored to suit my needs / request (which was to answer my many questions and establish if the training was viable for me).

On the day, I met with a number of the instructors and was made very welcome from the onset. The approach to customers was friendly and relaxed whilst remaining professional and ensuring safety was always the no. 1 priority. I was even provided with the details of a UK based pilot, who has trained in the US and was prepared to help with any questions regarding training abroad.

I was given the opportunity to extend my time in the aircraft to suit my needs and introduced to the controls one by one by my instructor. I was then allowed to operate the controls (within the scope of my very limited ability). Clearly I made a lot of mistakes, but the feedback was delivered in a way that aided learning and gave me confidence to try again.

I really would recommend that anyone considering learning to fly a helicopter has a look at Max Flight. I would recommend that you go and meet them in person as you'll get much more out of this than a phone call or an email."

Jeffrey T.

"The people at Max Flight are incredible. Flying in a helicopter is something I've always wanted to do. They really have the can do attitude. It's nice when people are as happy and excited about flying as someone that has never flown. The best choice."

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