Aerial Photography and Surveys

Metro Detroit Aerial Photography

Are you in need of spectacular aerial photographs or footage for a film, news report, real estate listing, or personal use? Max Flight Helicopter Services can provide you with everything you need to ensure that you get stunning results for your aerial photography, video, and cinematography needs. We provide professional helicopter flight services with all of the necessary equipment, as well as a smooth ride over your customized flight path in Detroit, Novi, Birmingham, Grosse Ile, and the surrounding areas.

We can accommodate a wide variety of photography and camera equipment, and will remove the passenger doors in order to provide you with a completely unobstructed view, resulting in spectacular photos and videos. We are available 7 days a week and go the extra mile to make special arrangements to fit your specific schedule and needs. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed when you choose Max Flight Helicopter Services for your next photo shoot!

Whether you need a helicopter for a professional film, real estate listing, or are just interested in getting a unique perspective for an exciting photo project, we are here to accommodate you. Contact Max Flight Helicopter services today to get a free quote and schedule your aerial photography trip today!

Aerial Land Surveys

Helicopters are the ideal vehicle choice for performing land surveys in Birmingham, Troy, Novi, Detroit, Southfield, Grosse Ile, and throughout Southeast Michigan. Max Flight Helicopter Services specializes in all forms of land survey and photography work. In the past, we have performed power line surveys, forestry surveys, disaster area surveys, as well as assisted in hunting trips, scenic photography, and much more. We utilize a variety of aircrafts that can be matched to fit your requirements, and our state-of-the-art vehicles and expert pilots are ideal for creating a stable, safe platform for superior results.

Helicopter land surveys are a more effective method for producing data than ground surveys and even fixed-wing aircraft surveys. With a helicopter’s ability to fly much closer and more slowly than fixed-wing aircraft, it’s possible to get more accurate data, more detailed imagery, and to do so much more quickly. While services like Google Maps provide some level of topographical information, much more detailed aerial views of land are frequently necessary for large real estate purchases and construction sites, as they allow for richer data to be available to potential buyers. Our aerial land surveys are capable of not only producing detailed data, but also high-quality images of the land and its surroundings.

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